I am Ayyaz Ahmed I have 10+ Years of experience in Web Designing and Development. Worked with small businesses and large established brands worldwide. Providing professional WordPress and eCommerce services exclusively on Fiverr for the last 5+ yrs. Hire me for Professional services.

I’m a patriotic guy and a responsible individual of this society putting all my efforts to make this world a better place to live. I feel a sense of achievement for rendering myself in helping people. My vision is to educate the public and spreading positivity in this society. I talk about the things that go under the carpet I grab the topics from the collar and put in front of the people out there who have an interest in knowing more about our motherland. Apart from this, I’m a motivational speaker. I always wanted to serve my country and I choose this talent to overlay the real facts despite the fact that I was confronted with many profound challenges and difficulties but I’m happy to announce that I made it and I have a firm belief that we as a nation can raise and grow with the power and goodwill.Thanks for reading.

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